Singing & The Chakras

Yoga & Singing Fusion Courses

Having spent over 30 years as a Singer and teacher I decided last year that the next step for me was to add Yoga teaching to my skill set.  During my training I became fascinated with Chakras and began to wonder if and how working with the chakra energy could enhance singing. Charlotte Esmé and I began throwing ideas backward and forward and Singing and The Chakras was born. 

We are currently running  a series of extremely popular workshops exploring how awareness of the chakra energy can be used hand in hand with singing. Each workshop so far has been sold out within a day.

This pioneering work is also being explored through a weekly series of one hour workshops - focussing on one chakra per week. 

What each course has in common is discovering the seven main chakras, checking in and tuning up and an introduction to methods of aligning the chakras including meditation . The Singing Course and Workshop then include some individual Singing time - aligning the Chakra energy with the physical body through song. 

 We then spend more time on Primal Sound, Healing through Voice in the Chakras and physicalising the energies. 

The results so far have been astounding. This is extremely potent work. If you'd like to take part and join us please see my bookings page for the next available courses.

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