What Participants Say


This course is always the highlight of my week. A wonderful, calm, inspiring and introspective way to explore the chakras and their vital connection to different states of being  in singing . Really useful techniques to access strong emotion and intent, perfect for opera singing.



Chakras for Singers

To Examine the Essence of Singing

Chakras for Singers is a Tool which gives the Singer the ability to :

Access any emotion required in their  singing instantly

Rediscover the essence of why we sing

Create stronger connection with audience and fellow singers

Find your authentic performer and tell your story with truth

Chakras for Singers allows us to explore all of these areas and more. We learn to feel value and belonging through our singing again, we are able to physicalise our feelings and emotions and harness them for performance. 


By studying the Chakra energy system ( the seven main wheels of energy each corresponding with the major nerve ganglions and sitting in front of the spine, going up the body from the root to the crown of the head) we understand that certain areas of the body govern certain emotional states and physical organs. Every singer can relate to Singing with All Your Heart, so we start there - practise singing with our focus, awareness and intention at the heart and then we use exercises in group practice and pair practice to explore the energies of the other chakras individually and together.  

We then learn how we can use our singing to create deep connections and remind us of the very primal nature of singing - bringing it back to its essence. 

How Did it Begin?

Having spent over 30 years as a Singer and teacher in 2019 I decided to add Yoga teaching to my skill set.  During my training I became fascinated with Chakras and began to wonder if and how working with the chakra energy could enhance singing. The wonderful Yoga teacher Charlotte Esmé and I began throwing ideas backward and forward and we ran a preliminary workshop together in July 2020. 

This pioneering work was then explored through a weekly series of one hour workshops - focussing on one chakra per week. Our experiences have been transformative and the workshop has grown into a series of weekly lessons, workshops and a book (coming soon!)

The results so far have been astounding. This is extremely potent work. If you'd like to take part and join us please see my bookings page for the next available courses.

Current Options are:

5 Week Introductory Courses

These Courses are extremely popular and cover some study of the seven main chakras and the eighth chakra. We cover the Heart Chakra, The Lower Triangle, The Upper Triangle and The Eighth Chakra.  They are open to four students only and each week we practise singing individually putting the Chakra work into our music.

2 Hour Workshops For Individual Singers

These workshops are an introduction to the Chakra work. They include a description of each Chakra and how to use it in our singing and some of the exercises we use in the weekly course.

2 Hour Workshops for Choirs

Coming soon - A 2 Hour workshop for Choirs using chakras to connect deeply with their music, each other and the audience.

Private Tuition

Private bespoke sessions can be arranged with Julie. Please email for details.