What the Singers Say..

Performance Workshops

What a great experience!  Like many of Julie's courses the combination of Julie's detailed, knowledgeable and practical leadership combined with the support of working with other singers has been amazing.   I particularly enjoy working in pairs on a specific area of development that Julie has given each of us - exploring with another singer how the tools given to us by Julie can best be put into practice.  And of course - at the end of the workshop to see the amazing transformation that each singer has gone through is just wonderful.



Performance Workshops

How to Perform

After running Toolkit lessons for a term and adding in one session on Performance, it became very clear that singers were incredibly keen to learn more about performance. So Monthly Performance Workshops were born. Each month the group come together and perform for each other. 

The structure of the 3 hour workshop is that the singers all perform to each other first thing and then we look at performance techniques such as intention, cinema screening, mental rehearsal and chakra connection.

 Each singer has a short individual session with me to decide which performance  technique they will work on that day and then they split into pairs and prepare for a final performance. The three hours flies by in an instant.

Currently we are working online but soon we will be working with an accompanist too!

For more details see Performance Workshops