I've had the joy of participating in Julie's singer's toolkit course over the past few months.  As Julie has worked us through the elements of the toolkit, so much about the craft of singing has come into focus for me in a way that I have struggled with for many years.  Sharing this journey with a small group of other singers, seeing them develop their skills week by week, and having their validation of my own progress has been very precious to me.

Over Lockdown I have taken part in the Singers Toolkit, Performance workshop and even a couple of private singing lessons with Julie.
I have learnt so much about technique, improving volume and range. Not only is Julie a great technical teacher but her continuous encouragement has helped with both confidence and the ability to perform.
Julie is truly amazing.

AB -Toolkit

Lesley - Toolkit, Performance & Individual

Julie's Singer's Toolkit lessons are informative, fun and inspiring. I have particularly enjoyed the chance to learn how to go about learning a different style of Music.

Julie’s teaching transformed my voice from that of a useful choral soloist to that of a professional oratorio soloist.  Imaginative use of technology has enabled her to continue to teach – remotely, when necessary – in an encouraging, supportive and enjoyable way.

Isabelle - The Singer's Toolkit

Christine - Individual Lessons & Toolkit

Fabulous support for an anxious and hesitant would be singer! I am immensely grateful to Julie for her practical help and sensitive encouragement

Julie has devised a toolkit which teaches the layers of technique required to produce a healthy singing voice.  She covers the core principles of postural alignment, breath support, pitch, range and resonance.  She gives very positive encouragement and individual  feedback to her pupils leading on to exploring performance techniques for a variety of musical styles and repertoire.  Her teaching sessions are both informative and great fun. Thoroughly recommended.

MG - Toolkit

Sally R - Toolkit & Performance

Julie’s Singer’s Toolkit classes are a wonderfully safe place to learn and explore the voice as an instrument. The groups are diverse and friendly and Julie has a great way of engaging with singers of all abilities. I have loved discovering my voice throughout the last year of online music making.

"I am new to singing, and really enjoy Julie's online group lessons.  Julie creates a friendly and inclusive environment, so that beginners like myself can learn alongside singers with many years' experience."



I've benefited greatly from the Julie Bale Singing Courses I have attended. She is honest, encouraging and helpful in the way in which she offers comments and expresses concepts. My confidence in singing has grown week by week. If you get the chance to learn with Julie, don't walk - run!



The Singer's Toolkit & Using the Toolkit

 Group Singing Lessons


Julie's hugely successful online Group Lessons The Singer's Toolkit & its follow on course Using the Toolkit are Vocal Technique courses split into either 10 or 12 sessions dependent on the length of the term. They are a comprehensive and practical introduction and follow on to vocal technique suitable for all singers from beginner to experienced. 

The groups are limited to four singers only per group. Each week focusses on one particular area of vocal technique and the singers then use their repertoire to embody the technical work.

 Each singer receives individual time with Julie and has the added benefit of learning by observing the others being taught. 

 Group Lessons run on Mondays at 12.30pm Tuesdays and Fridays at 2pm.  They are booked in blocks of 4 or 5 sessions depending on the length of the term. BOOK HERE