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Vocal Technique Workshops For Choirs

Workshops for Choral Singers

Current circumstances dictate that we cannot make music together in choirs as we used to - the technology sadly does not support choral singing at the moment. What we CAN do though is invest in our vocal technique, making us better singers for when we can return to our long awaited rehearsals. The online workshops explore one area of vocal technique each session. The content is built on the premise that any successful singer needs to be a competent technician, a creative interpreter of music and be skilled in Performance Artistry.  These workshops explore each of these areas in depth, giving the choral singer a greater knowledge of their instrument and how to get the best out of their choral experience. 

Workshop 1 - The Breath and Postural Alignment

Discover how to use your breath for singing and why a good postural alignment is key.   

Workshop 2  - SOVT - Straw Phonation - Semi-Occluded Vocal Tract 

Discover how  a straw and a glass of water create better airflow and resonance. 

Workshop 3 - The Jaw & Tongue 

Discover how using the jaw and tongue efficiently (and independently) makes singing easier and more resonant 

Workshop  4 - Performance Technique 

Discover a number of ways of calming those concert day nerves

Each workshop lasts around an hour. Singers go away each week with a deeper understanding of each area of vocal technique which can be incorporated into their daily singing and eventually into their choral rehearsals. 

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