Exciting News!! Introducing Technique in Three...

My Singer's Toolkit and Using the Toolkit Courses have been phenomenally successful in the past year. The only difficulty I have heard from a number of you is that you can't actually get a space on them. Well, this is not the same as a wonderfully supportive weekly group lesson but coming very soon will be my series of short 3 minute videos each dealing with one area of vocal technique.

They will be free to view on my website and will include Warm Ups, SOVT, Primal Sound, Splat Breath and indeed as many of the areas of The Singer's Toolkit that I can get into 3 minutes!

They can act as a reminder for those of you who have taken or are taking the courses or as a taster/introduction to vocal technique for those who have not. Please request to be a member of my website at to receive notifications when these new short videos will arrive.