“I’m in total lockdown, it’s not just about the singing”

Last night was a revelation. Coming to grips with new technology can be difficult for some of us, but the lockdown has made many people determined to get to grips with technology in order to keep a bit of life outside of these four walls going.

I wanted to DO something useful and helpful and I know that running a choir on Zoom isn’t possible because of the time lag... BUT I could do a workshop!!! So, I decided to run FREE weekly workshops on vocal technique and performance technique.

The first few minutes coming to grips with the technology were interesting but everyone remained calm and there was a joy as yet another familiar and beloved face came to join us, an online party... we realised how much we had actually missed just the saying hello and smiling at each other, the camaraderie and just honestly being together.

in the end the content of the workshop was secondary to the joy of being in a social circle again... but it was so lovely to hear voices raised in song and look forward to a time where harmony can reign again!!

if you would like to join us next week the workshop is on Thursday at 7pm and runs for an hour.

Email me at for the Registration link .

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