Into the Lion’s Mouth

Splat! Sumo! Sob!

The second Thursday evening of the Improve Your Singing course. This week we used the tricky third movement “Domine Jesu Christe“ of the Duruflé Requiem as our practice work. Those of you who know this movement know that it has its moments for the choir!!!

We wanted to use it to highlight the importance of using Primal Sound to anchor the turbulent emotions of this movement and create holistic singing ... the cry (wail) at the Lion’s mouth and the sob for Tu Suscipe were two obvious places... but do keep practising monkey sounds, groans, sobs

, crys, giggles etc...

In our performance technique section we tried out the tool of cinema screening to take us “into” the music and recapped intention... The wagginging white finger of the Hand of God was a beautiful image.

it’s only the second week but already people are using puffy lips with ease for soft Supported singing, improving their splat breaths and remembering preparation. They are now working on rolled r exercises and liptrills . Pilates roll downs for postural alignment .

Great fun was had learning beat patterns and in a quirky turn of fate the choir conducted Simon playing the difficult sections of the Duruflé where the time signature changes nearly every bar!

We then explored different ways of creating a superb blend for the choir by using exercises designed to make us listen far more closely to our neighbours singing than our own - some beautiful sounds were to be had here!!

Those of you who felt particularly Mind boggled by the last two weeks will be heartened to hear that next week is a major consolidation week - with a little bit of resonance thrown in - and we may get to do some voicing, always a big favourite of mine!!!!

once again - very much looking forward to next week!!
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