Performing with the Chakras

Last night I sang live, with other people and with a small but present audience listening.

It was the first time I have done this in many months, though before COVID it was second nature. Of course, this meant that performance anxieties were heightened. Would I even remember how to perform? Would my voice still know how to fill a space after a year of only online singing? Would I be vocally fit enough?

What I DID know is that I was excited to experiment with the Chakras research we have been developing in my studio over the last year and I wanted to focus all of my singing yesterday evening in that direction. So what happened??

Firstly, I discovered that after a prolonged absence from live performance the fight or flight hormones kicked in much sooner than needed. We know that they ARE needed in performance to bring that heightened awareness, that edge, but if we allow them to take over too soon they can really knock our equilibrium. The long, slow breathing techniques we learn in the sessions really helped me to counteract this.

Then, my thoughts chose to present me with many disaster scenarios, coming in on the wrong note, voice giving up half way through, singing at the wrong time... yes you all know what I'm talking about...I thought, I know better than this though, so I took myself to a wonderful mental rehearsal - a trip to the creative sanctuary of Ajna, the third eye Chakra and reverted there whenever a disaster thought appeared!

This is all happening BEFORE the performance. Happily, once the singing began, I was thrilled to realise that my inner singer remembered what to do and I was able to play around with these super new tools. I began, as always, with a quick check in at the heart centre and reminded my self that my actual intention for the evening was to sing with heart, from the heart. Just a quick touch now and then helped to focus this goal.

Once I had decided on the dominant chakra for the evening, I was able to play around with many of the others and my favourites were using solar plexus for strength and power, root chakra for the l