Return to Singing Live and the Introduction of the Micro-Choir!

I'm always thinking of new courses to offer my students and I think this one is a real winner!

After lockdown and the impossible situation we have been in with choirs, it's going to be a BIG DEAL getting back into being a chorister. Some singers are still very tentative about going back to singing in a room with lots of other people, some singers are afraid they've forgotten how to sing, some singers are now preferring to sing in a smaller environment.

For all these reasons I have created a NEW LIVE Course, starting September. Called The Micro-Choir, this course offers a nurturing and supportive environment for up to 6 singers in my studio in Oxhey Village. My studio has bi-fold doors - so no worries about ventilation and is big enough to accommodate 6 students whilst still fulfilling the current COVID guidelines.

The course will cover the vocal technique required for singing in a small ensemble, or even a big choir but will also teach popular choral repertoire allowing the singers the opportunity to learn and practise the technique of singing in a small ensemble, which can then of course be translated into singing in a bigger choir.

Early indications show that this is going to be an extremely popular course. The first course will run from mid- September on Fridays at 12 for one hour, with a possible second course on a Monday afternoon.The cost is £75 for 5 sessions. Bookings will open on July 10th but if you would like to register interest please email me at