Sing With All Your Heart Chakra!

Many of you know that in May of this year I qualified as a Yoga Teacher (RYT200). During my training I became ever more fascinated by the concept of Chakra energy and kept wondering what would happen if we applied this energy mindfully into our Singing practice.

My teacher and great friend Charlotte Esmé and I spent a huge amount of time in conversation, bouncing ideas off each other and last week we launched the first of our Chakra and Singing courses.

Chakra means wheel in Sanskrit and in yogic philosophy there are seven main Chakras or wheels of energy centres in different parts of the body which govern different areas of the physical body as well as emotions and elements. These areas correspond physically with clusters of nerve ganglions in the body so for instance the sacral plexus, solar plexus and cardiac plexus. In yoga we often talk about bringing the Chakras into alignment and unblocking them (by use of awareness, movement and meditation etc) for optimal health and healing.

For me a large part of Singing is healing and so my first thought was that we could tackle two areas in one - let’s use our Yoga tools to check in with the chakra column and discover where we have deficient energy and then tune up the Chakras with energy field exercises and with singing, exploring and connecting primal sounds and healing vibrations. This was where we thought the course was going initially. Then I had a brainwave, what if we used the chakra centres to connect with the emotions needed by the characters in our arias, songs etc... this led us down a totally different path.

The first Singing & The Chakras course explored this idea and six participants sang a self-selected piece while we explored which of the chakra energies (and sometimes more than one!) felt, sounded and worked best. The results were electrifying!!! If you are a singer this is a tool that is potent and immediate and you really should try it!

So now we have two courses... “Finding Your Voice” which is the original healing with Chakras and the Voice and is led by Charlotte Esmé with myself as co-host and “Singing & The Chakras” led by me with Charlotte co-hosting for those who perform or want to FEEL their music more.

Finally I have added a Singing & The Chakras Mini Group to Mondays from September, this will explore one chakra per week - to date there is one place left available!

I really hope you will join us for some of this hugely exciting work. We have day workshops and retreats planned during the next year (pandemic allowing!)

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