The Power of the Group Lesson

Updated: May 29, 2020

I’ve never offered group lessons. I’ve always worried that a group of singers would sit around being bored while I worked with one of them . i know that it makes lessons financially viable for some.. but I never was attracted to it.

Until now!!!

Since lockdown I have been trying to find ways to interact with singers and keep the singing going and I came up with the idea of a mini group singing lesson. There are only 4 students who share an hour, no observers but they observe each other. They have been phenomenally successful.


The majority of singers have not been those who would generally take regular lessons (though some are) and this is a way of introducing them to vocal technique and what their own voices can do , in their own living rooms.. New singers have been given the opportunity to watch another singer first and when their own 15 minutes is up they get to watch and listen to the others, putting the technique into practice. Each singer has been able to go away with tools they have learned from their own session and from the others.

Some singers have booked regularly, so they can then see a progression in the others from session to session.

Another great advantage of the online process is the recording facility.. the singers then have a video to go away and work with providing a valuable resource for learning.

I am completely won over by this way of working and will be continuing these sessions for as long as anyone wants to take part!!! And they do!!! May is almost completely booked up...

If you feel like this sounds like something you’d like to have a go at please do contact me for more details!! Mini Group Lessons take place on a Tuesday, Friday and Saturday afternoon at 2pm and cost £10 per singer - special price during lockdown - from September 2020 they will cost £15 per singer. I am fully booked for this term and now taking bookings for September.