What a Difference a Straw Makes!!

The singing through the straw had an amazing effect on producing the sound afterwards, a very clear way of finding out how to control the breath.
I struggle with even breath control so blowing through the straw - especially in deeper water really helps.. because there is more energy and even flow of sound/breath too.
After the straw work, I was amazed at how clear and less croaky I sounded.Must make an effort to do some every day! Thanks again,

Thank you to those of you who sent me messages after our wonderful session last night. It we were thoroughly spoiled having a SLT (Speech & Language Therapist) of the calibre of Sally Rodgers to join us and all benefitted from her experience.

The session recapped last week’s beginnings of breath and postural alignment and then we went into the very well loved (by voice specialists) area of SOVT (semi occluded vocal tract) work and last night we used straw phonation both with the straw on its own and in a glass of water....

Each singer discovered the magical effects of the straw work and vowed to go practising between now and next week and report back. The singers who did bravely demonstrate for us found that they were then much more connected to the airflow and resonance and ease were increased.

As well as all of that we had jolly good fun with around 20 singers taking part from Northwood Choral Society, Harrow Choral Society, North Middx TG Choir and East Barnet Ladies Choir.

Our next (free) class is on Thursday April 9th at 7pm. You are welcome to join us - or alternatively I’m happy to set up a private online lesson for you. Contact for the Zoom link!!

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