Technique in Three...

Short Vocal Technique Videos

Welcome to Technique in ThreeThese are bite size informal technical videos giving you a flavour of the technical work we do at JulieBaleMusic. The videos can act as a taster or a reminder of work done in lessons. Click here for more information on Group Lessons 

Over the next few months I will be adding to the videos every Thursday and the plan is to assemble a library of snapshots of technique. 

Though the videos are all my work, the vocal pedagogy taught in them comes from standing on the shoulders of giants. I am very grateful  to my teacher and mentor the incomparable Janice Chapman whose book Singing and Teaching Singing remains the gold standard text book for any classical singer. Also credit must be given to Dane Chalfin for his superb pedagogy courses and James Platt of Classical Voice Training/Vocalcraft.